26.01. +++ Words, words, words

White on White - or just wow (Photo www.pathosmuenchen.de)
White on White – or just WoW (Photo www.pathosmuenchen.de)

I’ve decided to write today’s blog entry in English in the possibly vain, but hopefully not vain hope that the ones concerned will read it. One usually only remembers odd ends and bits from school and university. Like the impossible jumpers my history teacher used to wear or the most strange accent one of my Eng. Lit. professors had. Sometimes, however, a random piece of content keeps sticking in the brain, against all rules of probability. One of these is the title of the major work of the father of speech act theory, John Langshaw Austin: „How to do things with words„. It has always been known to mankind (well, since they could speak, anyway) that words are not just words. „26.01. +++ Words, words, words“ weiterlesen